Pest Control Services




Pestmaster technicians are trained to determine which methods are best, in any given situation. Our priorities will be to use non-chemical approaches. Our specific methods include, but are not limited to: vacuuming, screening, caulking, removing harborage, and other exclusion methods. If these are not practical or possible, then we will consider other methods, starting with Advion and EcoSMART and ending with low toxic alternatives like baits or gels if all other options are eliminated. Regardless of the IPM method employed, we will monitor the result to ensure that the pest control needs of your home or business are addressed. We at Pestmaster Services are fully committed to providing our customers with "green" sustainable pest and vegetation control services. Now more than ever, customers need to be confident that the products and services they receive are environmentally sensitive. The transparency of our pest and vegetation management procedures ensures our techniques and services truly are green. "Green" is an active commitment to the environment and one that Pestmaster Services, Inc. and the Pestmaster Franchise Network has made in the past and continues to make today and into the future. We call it pest control with "Environ-Mentality". While there are different types of pests, the concepts of IPM remain the same. We manage the pest with the most effective yet safest environmental methods. Our strategy is this: -Inspect all locations and facilities -Record and define all pest activity -Develop a plan/strategy for each pest -Establish action thresholds -Monitor populations of pests -Control the pest (if required) -Document the result -Regularly evaluate and redesign the program Each general pest technician is equipped with an IPM Inspection Kit, which includes specialized equipment to facilitate better inspections in unseen and hard to reach areas.